About Me

20 Things about ME

 1.    Jesus.  I LOVE Jesus.
 2.    2017 = 50 FIFTY years old  awesome.
 3.    I celebrate my birthday the entire month of October.  Get on board with that.
 4.    I collect owl things.  Owl cups, jewelry, notepads.....yep.
 5.    I'm an empty nester.
 6.    I'm a city girl currently living the SUPER RURAL LIFE.
 7.    I make things.
 8.    Preschool Director.
 9.    I have my own vocabulary, which I spell correctly, because it's mine
10.   I follow politics, but I probably won't blog about it.
11.    I eventually want to move to Franklin, TN.  I really want to do this.
12.   I want a garden, but I kill plants.
13.   Best kids in the world!!!!!!!!
14.   Spiritual gifts, mercy, edification and a bit on the prophetic side.
15.   I'm not going to judge you....so please don't judge me :)
16.   I love magazine subscriptions.  I usually read them 2 months later.
17.   I have 2 ADORABLE dogs.  Mille - pit bull rescue/Daisy - cray cray boxer.
18.   I like coffee.
19.   I am getting my first tattoo this year. DONE!
20.   I am getting my second tattoo this year.  DONE!