Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jumping into 2017 with anticipation!!

This is the year I turn 50..FIFTY!!!!  Just the other day I was in my 20's.  Time flies people, it FLIES!!  I have a lot I want to do this year.  There is just something about getting older. It makes you take stock of your life and think about what goals you may have set in the past...did you meet them? Did you care?

I have a nice (and growing) little bucket list for 2017

1.  Go on a "I'm turning 50 this year" let it all hang out beach trip with my girlfriends from high  school (happening in Sept) because I have never gone on a trip like this.  This is in addition to the family beach trip I will take with my husband, grown kids, their husbands and my grandson.  Two different kind of trips people...different trips!

2.  Use the She Reads Truth app to read through the Bible in 1 year.  Sadly I have never done this.  I've already started!

3.  Lose some more weight with my Fit bit tracker and the Sparkpeople app.  I lost about 50 lbs in 2015, kept it off in 2016 and I'm ready to get the rest off. #1 above is a motivator lol!

4.  I want to cultivate friendships.  I want to meet new people and cherish the friendships that I currently have.  I want to spend more time with my friends.

5.  I want to pray more for people.  Deep and meaningful prayer.

6.  I would like to actually figure out how to have a great blog.  Currently I ramble on about whatever.  I would like to make it a meaningful thing, even if only to me lol.

 See #6 above... I have no idea how to end this............