Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pickles and okra

I live in the country now. Like.....really rural.  In my particular situation I could walk outside with no pants on and NO ONE would ever know. I will not confirm or deny if that's actually happened 😉. 

Because of my location I am very close to multiple farms with markets.  It's pretty amazing to get fresh....very fresh produce at any time. I would grow my own but I kill vegetable plants. Seriously I do.  My husband has also been known to knock on doors for produce. I haven't gone that far but he's daring like that haha.

I'm such a city girl but this country life is getting me to do weird things like make pickles. They weren't good but they sure were pretty! We have also become obsessed with grilled okra. At least that turned out delicious!  Also have a look at that little piggy in the mud. Nearly lost my mind over its cuteness.  I've got to go back ASAP and see it again.