Friday, December 30, 2016

Ten days of Christmas Sweaters

In the early fall while I was browsing my local thrift store I came across an unusually large amount of CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!!  I decided that since I am a preschool director it would make sense to start a collection of crazy sweaters and wear them in December.  Over the next 6 weeks or so, I ended up finding 10 for myself and some for the teachers at school and also a crazy cat vest for my daughter in Nashville.  I wore them the last 2 weeks of school (and a few other days in December) and it was very tongue in cheek for me but honestly I think people just thought I was a crazy Christmas sweater lady.  That's ok.  I'm cool with that........

The beginning of the collection and the crazy cat one for Brittany

Crazy sweater #1.  It's definitely an 80's sweater including the shoulder pads. 
Crazy sweater #2 It's a boiled wool vest.  I got lots of compliments on it.  I was trying to be funny...but people actually liked these sweaters hahaha.
Crazy sweater #3.  No words.  It was so awesome.
Crazy sweater #4.  I found this to be super hideous...metallic...shoulder pads...super thick.  I can't understand why people loved it.  I just tried to own it lol.
Crazy sweater #5.  I actually loved the sweater part because it had a great fit.  It was the 3D Santa faces that made it so wonderfully hideous. 
Crazy sweater #6.  All the reindeer.  Metallic thread running through the black.  Also a vest. 
Crazy sweater #7.  I found this one last minute for 99cents.  The plaid part is made of pearls, yes PEARLS.  I had to do a little work on this one and tack down some of the glorious pearls.  Worth it.  The quality on this one was amazing.  I know it's original price was on the expensive side.  I think it's my favorite.
Crazy sweater #8.  Sequins people...sequins.  It was a little on the large side but awesome none the less!
Crazy sweater #9  This is actually a pretty sweater and yes, those are CATS!   Glorious cats.  I think I will wear this again in January because cats + snowflakes aren't just for Christmas.... just sayn'.
Crazy sweater #10.  In the beginning this was my least favorite.  It's like a "country" Christmas sweater but in the end I decided who's crazy and Ima wear it LOL!  

For me this was so much fun that I am going to enlarge my collection for next year with a goal of a different sweater every day (of school) in December.  I will need to double my collection.  I will be checking the clearance sections over the next couple of weeks and the thrift stores again in the early fall.  Looking forward to out doing myself hahaha.  Also, it feels weird to look at myself in all of these selfies!