Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vintage brass and more

I LOVE thrift stores.  I think browsing the shelves is relaxing. Every Saturday I make my rounds looking for the things I can't resist. There's a problem with this though.....I accumulate far too much. I think it's time to start a vintage Etsy shop. I have a semi plan but I have to come up with a name I like and can live with. That will take a hot minute. My deadline for the name and starting the instagram account is in 2 weeks. I will leave you with some pics of my latest haul.  ❤
I love vintage baskets. I'm starting a wall display. I find it harder to choose baskets because I'm very particular about them. I'm putting a plant in the dark brown one above. I'm also adding to my brass candlestick collection.
I found this lovely and very heavy brass teapot that will be repurposed into a planter.  I'm giving it to my daughter Brittany. 
I'm replacing all of my mason jar glasses with vintage green and gold glasses. They look awesome on my open shelving. Even better when my kitchen is clean hahaha.