Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vintage brass and more

I LOVE thrift stores.  I think browsing the shelves is relaxing. Every Saturday I make my rounds looking for the things I can't resist. There's a problem with this though.....I accumulate far too much. I think it's time to start a vintage Etsy shop. I have a semi plan but I have to come up with a name I like and can live with. That will take a hot minute. My deadline for the name and starting the instagram account is in 2 weeks. I will leave you with some pics of my latest haul.  ❤
I love vintage baskets. I'm starting a wall display. I find it harder to choose baskets because I'm very particular about them. I'm putting a plant in the dark brown one above. I'm also adding to my brass candlestick collection.
I found this lovely and very heavy brass teapot that will be repurposed into a planter.  I'm giving it to my daughter Brittany. 
I'm replacing all of my mason jar glasses with vintage green and gold glasses. They look awesome on my open shelving. Even better when my kitchen is clean hahaha.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jumping into 2017 with anticipation!!

This is the year I turn 50..FIFTY!!!!  Just the other day I was in my 20's.  Time flies people, it FLIES!!  I have a lot I want to do this year.  There is just something about getting older. It makes you take stock of your life and think about what goals you may have set in the past...did you meet them? Did you care?

I have a nice (and growing) little bucket list for 2017

1.  Go on a "I'm turning 50 this year" let it all hang out beach trip with my girlfriends from high  school (happening in Sept) because I have never gone on a trip like this.  This is in addition to the family beach trip I will take with my husband, grown kids, their husbands and my grandson.  Two different kind of trips people...different trips!

2.  Use the She Reads Truth app to read through the Bible in 1 year.  Sadly I have never done this.  I've already started!

3.  Lose some more weight with my Fit bit tracker and the Sparkpeople app.  I lost about 50 lbs in 2015, kept it off in 2016 and I'm ready to get the rest off. #1 above is a motivator lol!

4.  I want to cultivate friendships.  I want to meet new people and cherish the friendships that I currently have.  I want to spend more time with my friends.

5.  I want to pray more for people.  Deep and meaningful prayer.

6.  I would like to actually figure out how to have a great blog.  Currently I ramble on about whatever.  I would like to make it a meaningful thing, even if only to me lol.

 See #6 above... I have no idea how to end this............

Friday, December 30, 2016

Ten days of Christmas Sweaters

In the early fall while I was browsing my local thrift store I came across an unusually large amount of CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!!  I decided that since I am a preschool director it would make sense to start a collection of crazy sweaters and wear them in December.  Over the next 6 weeks or so, I ended up finding 10 for myself and some for the teachers at school and also a crazy cat vest for my daughter in Nashville.  I wore them the last 2 weeks of school (and a few other days in December) and it was very tongue in cheek for me but honestly I think people just thought I was a crazy Christmas sweater lady.  That's ok.  I'm cool with that........

The beginning of the collection and the crazy cat one for Brittany

Crazy sweater #1.  It's definitely an 80's sweater including the shoulder pads. 
Crazy sweater #2 It's a boiled wool vest.  I got lots of compliments on it.  I was trying to be funny...but people actually liked these sweaters hahaha.
Crazy sweater #3.  No words.  It was so awesome.
Crazy sweater #4.  I found this to be super hideous...metallic...shoulder pads...super thick.  I can't understand why people loved it.  I just tried to own it lol.
Crazy sweater #5.  I actually loved the sweater part because it had a great fit.  It was the 3D Santa faces that made it so wonderfully hideous. 
Crazy sweater #6.  All the reindeer.  Metallic thread running through the black.  Also a vest. 
Crazy sweater #7.  I found this one last minute for 99cents.  The plaid part is made of pearls, yes PEARLS.  I had to do a little work on this one and tack down some of the glorious pearls.  Worth it.  The quality on this one was amazing.  I know it's original price was on the expensive side.  I think it's my favorite.
Crazy sweater #8.  Sequins people...sequins.  It was a little on the large side but awesome none the less!
Crazy sweater #9  This is actually a pretty sweater and yes, those are CATS!   Glorious cats.  I think I will wear this again in January because cats + snowflakes aren't just for Christmas.... just sayn'.
Crazy sweater #10.  In the beginning this was my least favorite.  It's like a "country" Christmas sweater but in the end I decided who's crazy and Ima wear it LOL!  

For me this was so much fun that I am going to enlarge my collection for next year with a goal of a different sweater every day (of school) in December.  I will need to double my collection.  I will be checking the clearance sections over the next couple of weeks and the thrift stores again in the early fall.  Looking forward to out doing myself hahaha.  Also, it feels weird to look at myself in all of these selfies!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pickles and okra

I live in the country now. Like.....really rural.  In my particular situation I could walk outside with no pants on and NO ONE would ever know. I will not confirm or deny if that's actually happened 😉. 

Because of my location I am very close to multiple farms with markets.  It's pretty amazing to get fresh....very fresh produce at any time. I would grow my own but I kill vegetable plants. Seriously I do.  My husband has also been known to knock on doors for produce. I haven't gone that far but he's daring like that haha.

I'm such a city girl but this country life is getting me to do weird things like make pickles. They weren't good but they sure were pretty! We have also become obsessed with grilled okra. At least that turned out delicious!  Also have a look at that little piggy in the mud. Nearly lost my mind over its cuteness.  I've got to go back ASAP and see it again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Memphis Zoo is the BOMB

Oh how I love you Memphis Zoo.  I was able to spend the day checking out the new hippo habitat in the Zambizi River Camp with my daughter and grandson on Monday.  It's really special for me when I get to do this with my grandson because his mom, her sister and I spent MANY days there when they were growing up.  We've seen them make many changes, awesome changes over the years.  I loved it when they added the homeschool zoo classes and my girls were able to experience some amazing things way back in the day.  Anyway, here are some photos of the awesome time.  Also, I am the WORSTBLOGGEREVER.  Just so you know.

First ever taste of dippin dots
how you eat dippin dots



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guest Post by Where's My Coffee's Brittany Thornton

This is a guest post by my daughter Brittany Thornton about being vulnerable with people you care about.   Leave her some love :)

Where's my coffee?: The art of vulnerability: In the past year or so, God has been teaching me about the art of being vulnerable with people. He has been showing me how to open up m...